A woman to her husband:

” Remember when we danced provocatively with the fairies in Inglaterra? How beautiful I was, dressed in naught, but white sheets from our wedding night- my hair frizzled and controlled by the wind. If only, you could have seen in my eyes’ mirror how handsome you were in your chocolate skin. I liked how the fairies threw sparkling cider on us, so we were both delicious and beautiful.  Remember how they smeared strawberry jam on the green grass, and hung cupcakes on the edge of stars for us? Remember me- stretching up on ballet point toes to pluck the ripest peach, remember how nice it was to kiss the sweetness from my lips? Do  you? 

The woman squeezed her husband’s hand,then tucked it into the coffin, along with the  heavenly fairy story she wrote for him, just in case he had to get off in Hell.