The Pretty Bug girl


Her eyes were wide and she had no lashes, so she looked like a pretty bug more than a girl. Her thin curly hair was pulled taut behind her ears and tied by ribbons the colour of solidified  grey smoke . Everyone agreed that she was much in need of a lil bit of greed. Her ribs poked out from her dress, as her ears poked out from her large wobbly head. Her shoulders were narrow,her knees like nobs on a tree branch.She was thinner than any stick found anywhere before. She was the ugliest girl any of the boys in her grade had seen before. But one boy, he saw the fine points of her that no one else did.He saw the lovely unruly curls that escaped the bound she put on them, the bashful red across her cheeks and the cherry red of her thin lips. He saw the dimple in her left cheek that showed when she dared to speak. He thought her long fingers were perfect for holding. And her wide forehead perfect for kissing. And when she didn’t come to school, he was the one missing her, like the stars miss the sun in the morning light.

My Sunshine boy

His face is aligned by perfectly symetrical features. The sun keeps it the lovely warm brown of over baked brownies. His eyes, surrounded by long straight eyelashes that curve up at the tips, look into mine, resembling Ethiopia’s divine. His large, strong, yet soft hands hold mine and I feel safe.My heart thumps in my breast as I lean against his chest and he chuckles,chuckles because he feels my heart jumping. His own heart has a steady strong beat, and it pounds in his chest against my temple. He smiles when I smile and kisses my forehead.Warmth from his lips diffuses down to my hips and the tips of my ears. I adore him.

**Like the sun**

He’s like the sun; *my sun*
There everyday, even through the clouds and the fog and the thick green jealousy that might surround me. Shining forever bright
Squeezing me with all his might
Making my stomach clench tight
I can’t believe he’s more beautiful than the rainbow.
  Wrapping his rays round my cheeks.
Kissing my nose and making my eyes sparkle with *wonder* .

I hope he’ll shine forever.


Lovely reliefs 1-5

*Relief 1*
I’ve tried so hard
Died inside
I dont know where,
Tell me…
where are the tears
I’ve cried?

*Relief 2*
Pens havent written what my heart feels when crushed

*Relief 3*
I’m half happy it happened quickly.

*Relief 4*
I’d rather give up,so you’re happy than keep you because i dont want to feel heart aches.

*Relief 5*
I appreciate how you let me follow you onto a broken bridge. I know, it was really our fault. Your,because you know I love you- and still didnt knock me out before going. Mine because, i used my feet.

Chocolate Mars the heart

Theres a chocolate treat, i got on Halloween, from a house with a Chinese hostess, Tobagoian Cheif, and Trinidadian housekeeper. Every now and then, it beckons me come. It rests on my tongue, and it tastes like hon…ey. Its my best friend, but it doesnt yet know, that ill still be thinking of it when The Vanilla Snow falls. Just seeing it melt, between my fingers, makes my heart beat faster,faster and cheeks turn rudolph red.

Then its gone. And I humm a teeny little nonsensical song, Until tonight it calls me on my samsung galaxy.…