Z.Locke Progress

Very recently, I completed my first novel, and I need a publisher. But before that, I think its even more important that I get a few admirers- few, of course meant to be subtle, when I WANT  TO SAY MILLIONS . I havent said much about my other blogs and accounts, but heres the first link. http://www.locketteers.tumblr.com  Visit it.

the end

Tuesday October 30, 2012
Today, I did something extraordinarily SPECTACULAR! I went around my school writing on random people’s wrists ‘Z.locke ‘ and giving people my blog address. Hopefully, many new people will register here AND follow my tumblr. ( link above . Ok.
Progress is good. Suscribe to my youtube channel, WeTHElocketteers. Kk. Comment on everything PEOPLE! =)

If you’re here, on my tumblr, you might as well press follow because YOU ARE OFFICIALLY A LOCKETTEER.Honestly, the truth is that i’ve lured you here with the repition of the word ‘locke’ in ALL sorts of coolio forms to promote my book in this vast universe! Except ,without the approval of teenagers/people who like my story, I’m just a writer- not a famous writer who gets to share her ideas with everyone. So do me a favor and support-locke. Repost, tagging supportinglocke. It would make me smile, AND bring my dream true!!


Zackariah Locke hasn’t been mentioned in a while in my life… I have to get back to his promotion immediately- this should be an incessant endeavor, whatever made me dissever it???? oh, it must have been school, “friends”, and a-really-sweet-sort-of-love-that -ended-soon-after-beginning.IT MUST HAVE BEEN LOSING A FRIEND THAT LOVED to misunderstanding, no communication, and opposite sex. But anywhoot, i’ve made the journey back home to my writing-i’m content with memories of my ‘bambii’, ‘amourdove’ &’sunshine’. I DROPPED ,  fell hard, into an abyss of grief and lament. But i’m well again, my mind is filled with sunshine once more.

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