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My story….it doesnt have a title yet.

I hope you guys like it. Its some of Chapter one from my novel(which I’m almost finished!!)

On Mar 30, 2012 7:16 PM, “Lillian Malenkov” <lillianm91> wrote:

Yuletide was five days away. My seventeenth birthday was eighteen days away. I was nearing the age when most of my peers- from sixth grade,before I was homeschooled, began dating, and going to parties unattended by male relatives, as if it were the nineteenth century. Though, I couldn’t honestly claim that I didn’t enjoy my jovial uncles’ company.

I knelt on the snow and pressed my faun hand to Jakob’s cream cheek. He was my youngest uncle, age seventeen. Under my palm, his ice cold cheek warmed. I sighed and turned to the twins.

Jaroslav was propped up on one elbow rubbing inflicted dormancy from his hazel eyes.
“Good Morning,” I greeted him .
He clenched his teeth, “You dragged me out here at six in the morning for what? To knock me out on cold-snow?”

I smiled,amused,and took his hand,”The birds are leaving. I wanted to see them.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t completely understand that,” his twin, Josef, who was the split image of him, except with neck length brown hair covering the scar on his left cheek, said. He was the patient one of the two.

“She’s been reading too much Andersen again. Deat have you ever hears of pop culture?” Jakob rolled to his side, then jumped up alert. He sat down on the snow, again, shaking blocks of ice from his large brown curls.

I sat at the center of the circle they formed.”No. It was Grimm’s, actually,” I corrected.

“Hmm. Which pressure point did you use?” Josef inquired.

“The base of your neck.” I balled snow in my gloved hands.

” You’re joking. We have important things to do today, Josef. Besides it’s freezing.” Jaroslav slapped his hamds agaonst his chest removing melting snow.

“Blated birds. Bye birdy, bye-bye.You came to see the birds.Ugh! You’re lucky we’re past the Ural mountains, or I would call the therapist.” Jakob mused, angry that he was wet. We were spending winter in Igrim,rather than in Moscow city, like we were accustomed to doing.

” I sedated Jakob though,” I shared with Josef, my arm slung around his neck,” with-oh- I shouldn’t tell you.”

Josef’s eyebrows met,” Why not? I think you should.”

I pursed my lips, and brushed my curls behind my ear,” It’s not avaliable to you. Only the Russian Intelligence Potentate has access to it. Arkady gave me a few doses, because I’m his succesor, and I probably shouldn’t have used any on Jakob.”

” I wonder why he didn’t choose me, ” Jalob,snarled,” I would make a great Intelligence dealer.” He glared at me, then laughed.

” I’m the object of his nepotism. Grandfather adores me.”

“Because you happen to be his favorite son’s daughter. I wonder, everyday, what about Vladimir impresses him,”Jakob nudged me.

I stood on a block of ice,” Well, it could be that he’s not as vexing as you, Jakob. You can be quite insolent.And Vladimir doesn’t squeal when he’s decapitating.”

“No. No. It’s simply because Irina is Vladimir’s mother. She was Arkady’s favorite mistress, and Noelle has her eyes. Her Sterling eyes.” Josef explained, accurately.

We reached our cabin, which was more a large, three story adobe made of wood.I stomped the snow off of my boots, slid my access card in its slot and pushed the door open. I left my boots on the vestibule, hung my black peacoat on a hook, then entered the living room. My other four uncles,grandfather, Arkady, and father, Vladimir, were seated at the long glass table, with exasperated visages.

I greeted them merrily,” Good morning grandpa, Yuri, Daddy, Aleksei, Robert, Clifford.” I went round the table, in,order of age eldest to youngest. I kissed the ring on Arkady’s hand displaying my fealty, with humility. I took a seat between my father and Robert. Vladimir pushed a file towards me.

“Look at these images,Noelle, dear. I know that they are familiar faces. These are incriminating photos of Zackariah Locke.”

I examined the pixilated satelite images of Zackariah Locke. He had a gun to a Russian civilian’s head,in one, he stood over dead bodies in many of them. I frowned.

It was the future German Intelligence monarch. His father was Handel Locke, son of Johannes Locke, who Arkady killed on Spain, and was also the current Monarch of Germany’s Dealership. The two shared all feature, except hair and eye color. Zackariah had brown eyes and ink black hair, in lieu of his father’s blonde hair and green eyes, due to his mother being Tlingit Native American.

“Are they here?” I inquired,” In Russia, preparing to attack?” I searched Vladimir’s eyes, but the answer came from Arkady.

“He is threatening our people. There have been a series of deaths in Moscow and they are nearing Igrim. He is looking for us. Specifically you, dear.” Arkady told me.

Yuri informed me,” The bug that we installed at the Belarus-Russian border audio recorded a young man requesting passage. Satellite videoed Locke’s heir pointing a gun at the guard. He must have known of the audio bug, and feigned civil behavior so as not to raise suspicions. But when added to the satellite recording, its quite clear that Locke coerced entry into our country.Then he rewarded the guard with fifty thousand U.S. dollars and a Volkswagen.

” A Volkswagen, not even a Volvo. Or a good sports car. ” Jakob shook his head.
Robert grinned,” So you have to kill,him, before he even finds you here.”
“Ahhh. This is going to be easy.” Jakob leaned back in his chair.

” Johannes Locke couldn’t escape my gun, and he was far more adroit in this area. So what chance does his grandson have against Noelle, who I can undoubtly claim is the more skilled than Zackariah.”

Clifford,Arkady’s fourtb son, after Jaroslav and Josef, focused on the laptop before him, tapping at the keys knowing.
“Accomplished,” He looked up, a sense of triumph in his eyes. He was twenty-five, but had the jovial eyes of a twelve year old boy,”I managed to hack the German dealers chat group. Zackariah Locke deleted most of his messages, except one, the most recent: ‘ near the west Sumerian plain. Fifty are almost dead- suffering and twenty are decaying. I know…that was morbid.’

Clearly the boy has no qualms about death. “