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Sweetly me

My True name is Aaliyah Abdul-haqq. I hope to transform from catepillar to butterfly, so i can glide my wings and flutter against your cerebral cells causing all sorts of lovely, affectionate aberations. I’m fourteen…well fifteen NoW, but I would rather be twenty eight, oscillating between youth and adulthood so I can make eye- contact with adults WITHOUT worrying about audacity! But then again, is audacity a sin? No, and the sweeter it is the more honey-bees , or phebes, whichever, swarm. -Aaliyah Abdul-Haqq


6 thoughts on “Sweetly me

  1. Aaliyah! Its Yaa… I’m absolutely in love with your blog. Sadly I have to admit I thought you would only write about balderdash! But I am very, very impressed…. You honestly need to become a writer. Just finishing “A Tale Of Two Cities” I know how amazing one can write & you can go extremely far with your gift of poetry from Allah ❤ Many wishes, hope to see you & the family at Eid Friday Morning!

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