That everlasting ScorPion

I loved you so intensely then, that it will forever seep into my now.I will never truly untwine my heart from its adoration of you. I’ve loved you so long and hard its unforgettable. You are the most innocent love I will ever know, my first. The residue of my love remains like mildew on the walls of my ever quickly beating heart. You will never comprehend adequately the extent of my desire for your total happiness and wholesome prosperity. I love you irrevocably and fluctuatingly.

P.S. ~ Its possible to be completely over someone yet forever in love with them.

8:00 pancakes

Its 8:00 pm and i’m eating pancakes…the kind thats soft and has honey drizzled over it. I’m certain that their a little undercooked, but i also know that this is the best plate of pancakes i’ve ever eaten. So, now I wonder, if alas, I have a fetish befitting a writer: Deformed undercooked pancakes with honey on top and a pen in my left hand under a torn page from a discarded school book.

‘The Great Gatsby ‘ soundtrack

‘The Great Gatsby’s’ soundtrack made my stomach tie in knots that would have otherwise been looser than a temptess’s loins.Something about the artists’ voices, the instruments,  and the colors was akin to magic sprinkling itself over my young malleable physique.  I came near to crying in every new scene. Ah, whispers exchanged lover to lover…The sweetest voices you’ve ever heard…every time. The movie was like a film,so archaic, yet novel; so recycled yet anew. It was the apex of excellence. I can only hope to achieve a masterpeice adjacent to its beauty. Oh.

Pools of icecream

The dulcet cream of minty chocolate dough ice cream entices even the thinnest of us girls. We relish the sweet of it melting on full lips and thin lips alike. It dances across our tongues like no boy has danced so well on the dance floor of our young hearts. Melted, it runs down prettily curved chins and down necks, pooling in deep belly buttons.

What’s your favourite ice cream eating memory?

Ice cream Parlours

There is something surreal about icecream parlours: the low clear music , the pleasant hum of friends confabulating, the coffee cafè scent that percolates the place, and the occassional sound of a blender creating a smoothie. It all unites to form this atomsphere that you must always be happy in, or at least content with. Ice cream parlours, with their eternally amiable workers , inhaling the creamy fumes, are revered for the peace they bring.

Tell me, what flavour of icecream makes your tastebuds sing songs of praise?

These sparkly things

I’ve realized, that i’ve given in. I have completely lost myself, while on the yellow brick road to find myself. I think, i feel, as though I knew myself better, two years ago, than I know myself know. I’ve been misguided, thinking that all these pretty links and pictures could define me.But no, i need a space for myself with a thick translucent (hmmm?) Curtain surrounding me.i don’t need the stale inspiration thats been touched a million times over…so I will delete….
*Facebook(friends can text)
*Tumblr( ahh!cleverly feeding hipsters mainstream soup)

Then I feel , i shall know myself again.

Do you loose yourself in social media too?