Morning Coffee


Cream swirls in chocolate paradise

I can’t drink coffee. Its a banned stimulant in my household, for two reasons.
1. My heart rate is already abnormally fast, so an ingestion of caffeine is unwise
2. My mum doesnt use coffee, due to an unfortunate incident as a child.
Now, I wonder what would happen if I consumed coffee.

P.S Excuse the irrelevance of this passage..I just really like the photo!!



The stress was beginning to wrinkle her young clear face, stretching her smile south
Pulling down the edges of that lovely cherry apple red mouth.
Her comrades all fit fun
Playing in the summer Sun
Into their days
But her life was a maze
She was focused on one thing..
No, not a wedding ring
She wanted her mom to sing
Sweet joy
When she saw her daughter’s diploma
So she sacrificed
The games of dice
On Saturday and Sunday nights
To stay up long after the lights
Went out
And the parties began.

When I think of love, I see this




The lonely girl searching for a smiling boy whose been searching too long too. I see, stolen kisses and rose petals.And little letters saying




I see girls smiling when they know they’ve found the one they trust.


I  can hear those grown up kids swinging eachother around ,feet never ever touching the ground.


Tomorrow tonight

Its twenty two minutes past one , yet I keep escaping sleep. Her pretty  hands cover my eyelids, but I  still see the bright white stars. I don’t  think i’ll ever sleep again, until the phebe I fancy ,fancies me too. Perhaps if I think of him less, the sweetness of of him

Well, thats where I stopped last night before drifting of to a lonely cold sleep.
4/27/13 I want :


To feel infinitely loved elegantly by a gallant phebe with sugar kissed skin and and dimples as deep as hand crafted clay potery.

To feel infinitely loved elegantly by a gallant phebe with sugar kissed skin and dimples as deep as hand painted pottery.

And to be able to be my best self with someone.

Friday April 26, 2013

This Friday, my day flew by. I wore yellow socks, although the dress code is black or white, because yellow socks in open black shoes is exciting to me. It dulls the homogenous blue and white rounding me! I hardly did the things I wanted to, but I felt a deep satisfaction by the things I ended up doing. During, lunch, after reading besides my lovely songstress friend, Suraiya,  we went to watch a rehersal for graduation. It was splendid. It was in the small nook- of -a -library -with -a -door -on- it  my school has. I leaned  against the book shelf besides a boy who is kind of my friend, but always holds onto my hand a little too long when we high-five. His name is Roach, last name,at least.  He gave me his seat,which was the gentlemanly thing to do, but then stayed  right next to the chair. At first, it made me slightly uncomfortable, but soon I was immersed in my friends’, Kelsey and Celine, singing. They’re sopranos, i think. They’re voices are extremely high pitched. Kelsey’s is like an angel its amazingly wonderful!! I could listen to her sing everyday. After their song, other groups performed. It was timeless and mesmerizing, literally, because, afterwards,  I expected to be able to walk the halls, errant, but the Principal told me to get to class. Thankfully, he didnt see my yellow socks, I have a record of a sort, with the teachers about disobeying dress code : wearing eyeliner, bracelets, a different shirt, coloured socks, safety clips in my ears..and zippers, writing lyrics on my arms, and  head bands over my hijab!  I’m a monster.. excellent academically, but obstinate,not rude, just forgetful! 


During our classes after lunch, I thought about the boy I like, did homework in class, laughed, focused, then worked more. I finished first…

It rained after school.I thought Noah might reappear, but he didn’t and the rain stopped…eventually.

I stayed afterschool for two hours, and waited patiently for my lovely driver to arrive.

This is bigger than my nook_library_at school, school but I like it

This is bigger than my nook_library_at school,  but I like it



Slamming Doors

I do this because I like the sudden release it brings. It clams my soul and hushes my brain. It inflames my desire and crushes my obstacles. I can fly to the apex of the tallest mountain and compete against Olympic gods. I can win.

Today , at school, I tried my hand at persuasion.I attempted to show to my good friend, that her Boy ,of seven months, doesn’t deserve or truly want her. I showed her every sign that I , myself, descried. She nodded in acknowledgement of my

evidence, yet at the end of  the day, hours later, she hasn’t severed all relations with him. I’m enraged by her naivity, but understanding, because Seven months  is a long while for a teen girl who thinks she’s in love, or is. I n only pray to God  he doesn’t spoil her effervescent spirit. She’s like a cocooned caterpillar, and he’s the thick seemingly impermeable twine around her wings.As soon as she frees herself, her wings will stretch and glide. I hope the pressure doesn’t break her wings.

But then again, pressure makes diamonds.And diamonds are  loveliest of all Jewels.

This makes me think of you, diamond girl

This makes me think of you, diamond girl