Entangled in Warm Covelets

Fingers drawn across my ribs
Hands on back.
Kisses along my jaw and forehead
I remember you
I see you on my closed eyelids
In the sunny sunlight.
Waiting for you to say
” I love you, won’t you stay?”
I lay
On warm covelets
Besides you.I knew we would be
perfect for eachother.
Your lean chest
closely to my heaving breasts.
Entangled in the warm coverlets
I can’t tell where I end from where you begin.

P.S -I’m growing up.

My my

Every love poem burns my eyes
Cant forget this feeling inside
Tear me up,break me down
your love is sound
Bite my ear, kiss my lip
Just a little
Oh, it never happened boy
Left me on a desert isle
not so much as a smile
Reading other peoples love
is hell from Up above.
Tears wash stormy oceans over my face
yourself for the pain
Oh, this memory will stain
My world forever.
I can’t endeavour
to understand
Why you couldnt be
My, my man

P.s – I think i’m growing up.

Sadness full of joy


The world we live in is dying
Yet we keep on smiling.

Earth is a jar , marred by her owners’ mistakes. She lasts through war. Through hunger and pain. We stain her perfection with the colour of blood. Is she happy or is she sad?
We dont care, because we can’t see
The pain we inflict on her. Its easy to ignore pain- when you can’t hear the screams and the world keeps spinning- keeps working for us.
Like a child to a mother, we are ungrateful  for her efforts.
Inside the protection of a layered atmosphere, we’re blanketed by the skies. We can smile, and ignore all the troubles of Mother Dear , because she hides them behind her – on the other side of her ample back.

Closing my own eyes

I want to be alone
They say if i cut hard enough it becomes real.
I thought I was ready for you to move on.But I can’t handle a heart thats scattered across  rugged Moher. My heart doesn’t beat anymore-so i’m already gone.
Bye love. I thought I was your  baby-Baby girl, your cutey,sweety pie-  YOURS. Im not though. I cant. *Bye world, i’m closing my own eyes.