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Twenty twelve 2012

Basically, the years over
But i’ve done about one
Of the million things
Youthful dreams have
Planted for me.
I havent published my book
But I finished it .
I havent fallen in love
But i’ve seen it.
Thats fine with me , really.
I danced in the sweat of the sun-alone.
I claimed fame in my school-in a good way.
I shun stupidity still.
Im a little sillier.
Im a little taller.
Oh, but I forgot to say what I meant on that day.
I made a lovely friend.
I study when i’m angry.
I told my mother about my friend.
She put a virtual end to that.
So, reality is left.

My reality is looking dull.
My future bright. But the present has to present presents for me.
So I have to speak my mind.
On Monday…

-If you understand, thank you.
If you didnt understand , thank you for reading.
Farewell lockettes


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