If I could only understand what your smiles mean, if the meaning was as  clear as the joy in your eyes. Do you enjoy my company, me? By the way, I like the way you say my name. I blush, because I think I know what you mean. I think you люблю меня , BUT how I be certain if  you dont just SAY what you think. I dont care what it is, JUST tell me.

Relief #1 &#2

*Relief* #1
Happier than a bee
Alas I’m set free
No one can tell
Me of this feeling so swell
‘Tis the freedom day

*Relief* #2
After days of work, I can turn off my alarm clock, not that I will, but the option is now very pretty. I also have a reward for my hard work- a hangout with my friends at 2 o’clock! We’re going to the mall to see a movie, then maybe skating. Ice cream is a very possible ingredient in this recipe of fun. I’ll see, taste, hear all kinds of pleasant things tomorrow.

**Confused** by Miss Anatacio

My knees start to shake
When you’re in sight
My mind is filled with wonder
My heart with fright.

When will this feeling stop?
When did it begin?
How can I listen to my mind,
Without breaking my heart?

Im so confused
What should I do?
I can’t think of anything
Except you

Should I ignore you
or just give it time?
I cant think straight,
my heart controls my mind


Once I had a heart of stone,
For it had surely lost its home.
It could not love or wanted to.
But in my life, then came you.
The stone began to fall away
As happiness to fill my day
A feeling so sweet, and special too
Could this be the love I pray is true?

My heart sings a song of love
For I know that it was sent feom above.
My heart is warm, there is no cold
Hard no more, but with wings of gold.

It soars above the sky high.
Sometimes I think of why,and cry.
My heart now sings loving song
In a part of me I though was gone.

The gift that you have given me
Is so important, can’t you see?
No more sadness or being alone.
For now my heart has a home to return.

In the moonbeam is a frozen Amordove

The birth of these doves is inevitable. Love would have to cease, and knowing the  cosmopolitan family, MACrocosm, it would never work.  They are always in love when they can reach their toes, then still after, when  they can hardly see their toes anymore. The doves fall asleep on moonbeams  as perfectly pedestrian creatures, but the sweete sounds of amour that are everywhere during the nighte- poisoning some, curing most, are always transforming the doves into befeathered passionates…
From then on those Amordoves go about as Eros’s unofficial love-dealers, droppingeye candy  to girls and sugared spice to the boys. Everyones more than content, especially when the night falls, promises of never letting go exchange, Amordoves sing, strengthening the gift of love with the sweete sounds of passion. The sugary spices come home with invisible babies, and the optical sweeties with unknown responsibilites. Others go home together ,expecting that from their love an Amordove will bloom.


Its okay love, I m happy you’ve decided to sit besides me. I dont stare because I mind, I stare because your mine. Every extra blink that evolves into a wink is wrapped in the ribbon of my lavendar color with my initals embroidered in gold thread.   I long for the day, that we’ll be friends and Amordoves. So, yes, I’m upset now, but remembering that love is never to puff its chest, keeps me from beating you in the head with a slab of lead.

Saint Augustine community College

At my new school, St.Augustines Community College( S.A.C.C)
i’ve made ALL sorts of new friends. Tall friends,short friends, boys, girls, people with long names, short names but all people who like me. No matter how well behaved I am, they’ve all discovered that i’m a jumper. Some of them call me ‘lily’, others call me ‘Drunkie’ (i have developed an inane habit of standing on my tiptoes whilst drinking water) . Three have professed their love of me, or for me- or both. I like the teachers, i think they like me. I must say i’m as INTELLIGENT AS crusted pie, and bright as the sun (excuse the boasting lovies).

–I’m finished here. I send my love to everyone who is connected to life’s rainbow.