My world

Pen to paper
      press hard
my intent is to transform from catepillar to butterfly.
This is how I become Queen.
Let my words sing, unfold the old wings, with these, I’ll paint a world for me.
Though the violent outside world crashes my window panes and lets in horrid rain, i’ll patch it over and over again SO
I can keep the sunshine
in this here world of mine

Drawings #4 Pencil Pictures

Theres ‘The Ghost Bike’ , this has to be my favorite among this trio.

Drawings #2 Colored Drawings

From oldest younger brother. Here are two pictures,one of a circular dude ,the other is ‘The eye of Horus’.

The spider man project

My older younger brother’s drawings. :))


my little brother drew these.He’s very artistic!! I hope you like them.