The Avatar Trio

Do you love Avatar:The Last Airbender?I KNOW that I do! In five days the new sequel series in premiering…its called ‘The Path to Korah’…my sisters and I think she’s Aang and Katara’s daughter…wishful thinking. From the commericals,she appears to have Katara’s temper and Aang’s penchant for large quadrupleds.

I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT!!! check out channel 122 or 32.


Brad Pitt as a model ,and as Paris in the movie Troy!so very dashing.


Look at those great beams. Which do you like better? :]

The Bad hospital food.

I was stranded in a hospital one week,after breaking my legs(falling out of a tree). When breakfast came,along with the morning I was afraid,of what kind of food they would bring. The nurse put a tray of pancakes on my lap. It smelled great,it looked earthly. So,i thought, ‘hey,what the heck, it looks edible.’ I began to cut it, honestly i sawed at the thing. I looked up at my nurse…"Is this the pan or the cake???"

"Uhhh. I’m sure its the cake."
"Well, then the chef needs to go back to cullinary school."

Photoshopped images of BLUE IVY affected me in nightmarish ways

Sam and i were surfing the internet, riding those waves as well as any California kid(note-all californian kids dont surf) ,looking at Blue Ivy pictures. We ,of course , ran into horrid photoshopped pics. One of them, I only saw out of the corner of my eye,but i STILL shuddered.

Sam screams," oh,gosh!! It looked like a hybrid of Gollum(J.R.R Toilken’s antagonist in The Lord of the rings) and Jay-Z!"

"Ugh!! I didn’t need to know that. Now I’m going to have nighmares. My imaginatons going to take that terribly disturbing image and run wild with it."
"Let’s just say that a not so pretty ,and impossibly large Blue Ivy will haunt my dreams tonight."
We shuddered.