part one of the sobriquet challenge

this is an inofficial sobriquet.I made it up.

theater treats

The soubriquet challenge

I’ve given a middle name to the Brad Pitt . it has asolutely no point to it.but it inspired me to propose this challenge :The Soubriquet Challenge. Basically, i’m going to put up a half of a half dozen posts(check out anything erudite to decode that one.HA) with celebrity names and the best soubriquet for them…. look for the meaning of ‘soubriquet’ in ‘anything erudite. ‘

Otis lyrics

Welcome to Havanna

smokin; cubanos with Castro in Cabana

viva Mexico, Cubano

Dominicano, all  the plugs that I know

driving Benzes wit’ no benefits.

Not bad huh..

for some immigrants.

Build your fences, we diggin’ tunnels

can’t you see?


BOOM!!!!!!! AWESOMENESS i dare you to say this three times faster.